Printing & Color Management

Large format printing, also known as wide format printing, is the process of printing digitally generated artwork onto large substrates. This process is typically used for projects that are too large for standard commercial printing presses. Large format printing often requires special printers and different tools and techniques than other types of commercial printing services.

Color management is the process of ensuring that colors are reproduced consistently across different devices, such as monitors, cameras, and printers. Color management systems (CMS) work by comparing the color space in which a color was created to the color space in which the same color will be output, and making adjustments to represent the color consistently among different devices.

Our Services Offered:

  • Years experience with large format Mimaki 64″ Inkjets.
  • Years experience with large format HP9000 Design Jet 64″ Inkjets.
  • File preparation to print support. .jpg .gif .pdf .eps conversions
  • Color Management: Monitor to printer color for high quality color correct printing.

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